DeWalt DW088K Line Laser Pulse Mode Review


DeWalt DW088K Line Laser Pulse Mode Review

This cross line laser from Dewalt projects bright crossing lines both horizontally and vertically for a variety of leveling and layout applications. It features full brightness which makes it highly visible and it also extends the range. This laser includes a full-time pulse mode that you can use with a detector. The unit is designed with an over-molded housing along with an IP54 that makes it water and debris resistant. It has an integrated base that is magnetic and pivoting that makes it even more versatile. This tool is definitely a handy one to have to help improve your productivity and consistency no matter the job site. It is great for professionals who work on both residential and commercial projects like floor installations or wall tile layout. Let us take a look at some of its best features.

Self-Leveling Cross Lines

The DeWalt DW088K Line Laser with Pulse Mode projects bright crossing horizontal and vertical beams that are suitable for a variety of leveling and layout applications. It is great for home and commercial use for projects such as floor installations, as well as layouts of wall tiles and mapping walls.These horizontal and vertical line projections have superior accuracy, within an eighth of an inch at 30 feet.  It is self-leveling, so you do not have to worry about inaccuracies or to make a mistake with your estimates.If the lines are not level, the unit will flash to let you know. This usually happens when the range exceeds 10 to 15 degrees.

Pulse Mode

One of the features that make the DeWalt DW088K Line Laser unique is its pulse mode feature. It has a 165-foot range with a detector. Indoors, the unit alone has a visibility range of up to 100 feet.

However, with this full-time pulse mode, it lets you use the laser with the Dewalt laser detector to extend the range even farther. By combining the lasers, you extend the range to 165 feet. The detector must be purchased separately.

Durable Design

The laser features a durable design with it is over-molded housing and IP54 that is both water and debris resistant. That means if you ever get water accidentally spilled on the unit, you do not have to worry about having it repaired right away. It also won’t easily get clogged by dust or other particles which are unavoidable on construction sites and even in storage. It is suitable for heavy-duty use.

Magnetic Pivoting Base

This model is designed with a built-in magnetic base along with the ¼ inch thread so you can mount it on any metal surface. This makes it extra stable when in use.  The flush attachment is suitable for the metal tracks as well as steel. The base easily pivots which makes very convenient.

Suitable surfaces for mounting the laser include steel framing studs, iron or steel upright surfaces, steel door frames, and other types of structural beams. There is a keyhole in the bracket that allows you to hang the unit from a nail or screw for other types of surfaces.

Simple Operation

The DeWalt DW088K Line Laser with Pulse Mode is designed with individual buttons on the side control panel. They are easy to understand and simple to operate. You can control all 3 beams from the panel, and there is also an indicator that will tell you when your batteries are running low on power.

Kit Box

The unit comes with a hard-shelled kit box so you can safely store your laser and accessories when not in use. This box is designed with the same heavy duty construction. It includes a strong metal latch on the side which locks the box and a heavy-duty handle with ergonomically designed grip for easy transport. You can safely put your laser in the kit box and store it in your trunk when traveling.

There is also a padlock eye on top of the kit box so you can use a padlock for added security.

Output Power

Another great thing about the DeWalt DW088K Line Laser with Pulse Mode is that it has an output power of less than 1.3mW so it does not consume much power.

It is powered by 3 AA batteries which are included in the set when you purchase the unit.

DeWalt DW088K Line Laser with Pulse Mode Pros

  • Self-leveling and the lasers are highly accurate
  • Compact
  • The magnetic base is very useful when mounting on metal surfaces
  • For other types of surfaces, it is easy to use the keyhole slot in the bracket to mount the unit
  • Easy to operate
  • Indicator lights for low battery
  • The range is extendable by combining it with the Dewalt laser detector
  • Highly visible both during daytime and night time
  • Low output power
  • Includes heavy-duty carrying case

DeWalt DW088K Line Laser with Pulse Mode Cons

  • Some users have had a bit of trouble using it outdoors in very bright light but using red glasses could help
  • Some found it a little heavy to carry around, but the kit box makes transport a lot easier


The DeWalt DW088K Line Laser with Pulse Mode is a great handy tool for a lot of residential and commercial projects. It features highly visible lasers both horizontal and vertical lines for a variety of leveling and layout applications. The magnetic pivoting base makes the unit even more stable as it allows you to mount it on metal and steel surfaces. However, it is also highly versatile because you can use the keyhole slot to mount it on a nail or screw when working on other types of surfaces.

It has superb accuracy and is self-leveling, so you do not have to worry about inconsistencies and on occasions that it is not level, the unit will let you know by flashing the lights. This laser is made with durable construction and resists both water and debris. It comes at a reasonable price and is a great investment for long-term use.


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