KNIPEX Cobra ES 87-51-250: The Ideal Tool for Confined Workspaces


In the world of hand tools, KNIPEX is a name that needs no introduction. The German brand has long been known for its innovation, durability, and functionality. The KNIPEX Cobra ES 87-51-250 is no exception and continues to uphold this stellar reputation.

The KNIPEX Cobra ES 87-51-250 is not just any pliers; it is a versatile tool designed with a singular purpose – to assist you in confined areas where traditional pliers might fail. Featuring a slim head and long, narrow jaws, these pliers are uniquely crafted to reach into tight spots that other pliers simply can’t access​1​.

Ideal for service and maintenance tasks, equipment repair, automotive work, and general industry usage, the Cobra ES 87-51-250 ensures you’re never left wanting for a more efficient tool. Its long, narrow jaws provide exceptional access to the workpiece, owing to the very slim construction of the head and joint area​2​.

What sets these pliers apart is the firm grip they offer, even on flat material. Thanks to the unique three-point rest feature, you can rest assured knowing your grip will remain secure, irrespective of the surface or the angle. The adjustment is also made effortless with a touch of a button directly on the workpiece, allowing for fine-tuning to adapt optimally to different sizes of workpieces, and ensuring a comfortable handle width​3​.

Moreover, the Cobra ES 87-51-250 is self-locking on pipes and nuts, which means no slipping on the workpiece and significantly less hand force required. The pliers feature a box-joint design, offering high stability because of its double guide. This reliable tool also ensures no unintentional shifting, thanks to the secure catching of the hinge bolt​4​.

Another impressive feature is the favourable lever action for optimum transmission of force, which means less effort on your part and more efficient work. There’s also a guard that prevents operators’ fingers from being pinched – a testament to KNIPEX’s attention to safety alongside performance​5​.

The Cobra ES 87-51-250 is made from chrome vanadium electric steel, forged and oil-hardened, embodying the strength and durability associated with the KNIPEX brand. This tool is built to last, serving as your reliable partner in numerous repair and maintenance tasks​6​.

In conclusion, the KNIPEX Cobra ES 87-51-250 is a tool that provides unparalleled access and grip in confined spaces, ensuring your work is always efficient, effective, and safe. It truly showcases KNIPEX’s commitment to innovative tool design and user comfort.