DeWalt DPS8016-XJ Review – Why Choose This Air-Powered Stapler?


An air-powered medium-duty stapler, the DeWalt DPS8016-XJ features a durable design and comes equipped with a solid carrying case. If you are in the market for a new stapler, here are the pros and cons of this DeWalt stapler.

Bottom Load Magazine for Type 80 Staples

The DPS8016-XJ includes a bottom loading magazine, providing a faster, more convenient way to reload the gun compared to a top-loading stapler.

The magazine fits type 80 staples with 0.63 to 0.90 mm diameters, making it suitable for marine upholstery and other applications, including staple fencing, screening, packaging, insulation, or any situation where you need fine wire or medium wire staples.

Air Powered with a Suitable Pressure Range

When working with hardwoods and other high-density materials, the stapler you use needs to deliver enough pressure. With the DeWalt DPS8016-XJ stapler, you get an operating pressure of 4.9 to 8.4 bar (71 to 121 psi).

When you spend all day stapling, it helps to have a lightweight stapler. Thanks to the air-powered design, the DeWalt stapler weighs just 1.74 kilograms. Air power also provides a safer, more reliable power source compared to electric tools.

Ergonomic Design with Aluminium Body

Along with the lightweight frame, the body features an ergonomic design and aluminium construction. The comfortable grip stands out when comparing power staplers, which are often awkward and uncomfortable to hold, especially when stapling for more than a few minutes.

The aluminium construction also ensures that this stapler can take a beating and keep stapling.

Built for the high demands of professional projects and affordable enough for home users, the DeWalt stapler remains a solid choice for all types of applications. With the type 80 series staples, it is best suited for upholstery and other light-duty or medium-duty stapling.

DeWalt Is a Name That You Can Rely On

DeWalt is one of the most trusted brands of power tools and accessories, producing a wide range of quality items, including the DPS8016-XJ. This stapler has a comfortable, durable design that should offer many years of stapling.

Not as Portable Compared to an Electric Stapler

The DeWalt DPS8016-XJ only has one potential drawback. Compared to electric staplers, this air-powered tool provides less portability. You need a compressor, which can be inconvenient in remote settings.

While air-powered tools are less portable, they also provide several advantages. Thanks to the air-powered design, this DeWalt stapler is lightweight, reliable, and suitable for lengthy projects.

If you want an air-powered stapler that can keep up with your needs, consider adding the DeWalt DPS8016-XJ to your tool bag.


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