DeWalt DT70523-QZ Impact Screwdriver Set 32 Review

DeWalt DT70523-QZ review

DeWalt, a famous American worldwide brand of power tools and hand tools, redid it. The company provides and offers a broad range of tools for every construction, woodworking and manufacturing works.

Many individuals today are keen on making sure what they purchase online is in top shape and good quality. The company’s new DeWalt DT70523-QZ impact driver bit set 32 Piece is the perfect example of potency, power, modern design and quality.

Now, let’s see if the screwdriver set is worth the price.

Pros And Cons


  • Has high quality impact grade bits for use with impact drivers
  • Complete set
  • Suitable for a broad range of screw driving applications
  • Excellent small piece kit and extremely handy


  • Has magnetic built but the collar is non-retractable
  • Bit holder has no anti-rotation sleeve
  • Hard to open case

Build Quality & Design

Whether you need to repair something, build new furniture or renovate your home, there is no other product to use. Personally, I’ve tried various products, but nothing has lived up to my expectations, not until now.

What’s good about the DeWalt DT70523-QZ Impact Screwdriver Set is, it’s complete, and you got everything you need in just one container. The container itself is small and handy.

You can take it inside your car or anywhere you want to go without being so bulky and heavy. Of course, the set works perfectly with any power drills, but I prefer using DeWalt’s power tools. These are durable and robust; it makes my job easier and faster.

The bits, per se, are sturdy and can surely drill into literally anything – cardboard walls, cement walls, woods and anything else. What’s good about the build and design of this product is, once you hold every bit and the case, you’ll know right away that they’re heavy-duty and will last a long time. Well, that’s worth every penny.

The set contains high-quality bits that can last you a long time. The durability of the contents of the case, and of course, the case itself look and feel durable. For me, I am looking at how long a tool will last, even with continuous use.

I prefer those who can last a long time even if they’re more expensive rather than buying cheaper ones but will inevitably bog down after just a few uses. In the world of construction, repairs, manufacturing, and DIYs, quality is an important factor to consider in buying tools and materials. We can’t just purchase affordable tools but can’t promise quality work.


The DeWalt Impact Screwdriver Set contains high-quality impact grade bits that are best used with impact drivers. Well, I know that DeWalt manufactures the best impact drillers in the market too. So, I think that when it comes to quality and materials used in producing these tools, the company is one of the best.

Moving on, the magnetic but tip holder has no retractable collar, but it’s easy to attach and remove. There’s no hassle at all. The set contains various bit sizes and variations, which means you can use these in a broad range of purposes and applications.

Each piece features a precision-machined tip for an ideal fit in screw head recesses, leading to less stripped screws. Another important characteristic this product boasts is its magnetic pin lock system holders and sleeve. It has a floating stripped magnet for faster retention; this reduces the risk of drops and wobbling.

This excellent set is used with impact, power and hand screwdrivers. The bits themselves are a legit and top notch. It is impact rated, which means that they can withstand a hell of a lot more torsion than standard bits. They can tolerate high speed and torque of impact drivers, even under pressure.


The bits themselves are world class, with an easy grip and made from superior materials. This is important because for me, using bad and low-quality pieces ruined the wall or they can’t get through. This makes the life of a handy-man, a construction carpenter, an interior designer or a DIY-dad hard and frustrating.

With the bit case from DeWalt, the bits get through even hard surfaces without creating large cracks and damage to the wall. With various shapes, sizes and types, the bits are perfect for any screw kind in the market. Installing different things on the walls are now easier, thanks to the emergence of screws, bits and drilling tools.

I used this set a couple of times already, and it did not disappoint me. The performance, if I would rate it, is definitely a 10 out of 10.

Final Thoughts

Despite a few flaws and cons, which we can actually expect in most products, the DeWalt Impact Screwdriver Set is the bomb. If you’re someone who loves doing construction, renovation, and do-it-yourself project works, I strongly recommend that this set should be in your toolbox.

The case itself is small and handy. It’s recommended for those who work with drills and other power tools every day. Can you believe it’s just under 300 grams? Well, that for me, is a plus point! I don’t want to carry heavy tools whenever I’m on the go. I believe many of you want to purchase tools that are lightweight too.

The best thing I observed with this neat set is that they’re made from Taiwan, particularly the bits. Based on my experience with tools, those made from that country is undoubtedly high-quality, legit, perfectly-made and have passed quality assurance.

Priced at about $17, this screwdriver set is worth your money. If you want something that’s worth the price and can deliver what you are expecting from it, this is a product that you won’t regret buying.

I hope this review will help you decide to purchase the DeWalt Impact Screwdriver Set is the best to impact driver bits because you will never regret it. You will definitely work with your construction projects without hassles and worry about damaging the surface. Whether you’re doing DIY projects or bigger construction works, having a sturdy and durable set of bits is necessary and important

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