Dewalt Toughsystem Review

Dewalt Toolbox Review

Dewalt Toolbox Review Toughsystem Toolbox

With a load capacity of up to 60kg and excellent exterior construction, the Dewalt Toughsystem Toolbox is indeed one tough storage equipment for all your handyman needs. This is the perfect companion for heavy duty use. It features an advanced locking system and superior protection for your tools. If you have a collection of big and bulky tools along with smaller tools, consider this the perfect box for all of them. It offers protection from dust and water and is smartly designed to offer easy transportation, storage, and maneuverability.

Let us take a look at some of its best features.

High Impact Protection

First off, let’s peek at what’s inside. This toolbox is designed with 4mm PP structural foam plastic that effectively protects all your tools. Whether you have electric drills in there, soldering iron, flashlights, or mini saw, you can be assured that they are safe inside because the foam plastic offers high impact protection.

Aside from that, it features a pressure relief valve which evenly distributes pressure inside and outside the box. So if you have to drive on bumpy roads with your toolbox inside your truck or if it gets dropped accidentally, you don’t have to worry about breakage inside.

For even more protection for your power tools, you can also add foam inserts. Usually, these foams come with the kits when you purchase the tools or you can also make your own.

Organised Storage

Inside the box, you can use an optionally removable tote tray that you can use to store your smaller tools and accessories. This is quite handy when you have a collection of big and small tools so that the smaller ones don’t get lost in all the rubble of your bulkier tools. It makes things easy to find and saves you time.

Water Resistant

If by any chance, you get caught in the rain, or someone accidentally spills liquid near your toolbox, your items will still be protected because of the IP65 seal in the lid. This is a high-performance seal that also repels dust. That means you can use it for long-term storage without worrying about dust building up in your tools.

Heavy Duty Latches

The toolbox is locked with heavy-duty metal latches that are designed with hinges of the same quality, so it offers added durability. Even when compared to other brands and models, these latches are extremely durable so you can put all your heavy tools inside and transport them in the toolbox with no fear of them falling off.

You can also use a padlock in the padlock eyes to add more security.


For easier storage, the Dewalt 1-70-322-SP DS300 Toughsystem Toolbox is engineered with plastic side clips that make it easily stackable with other boxes. You can fasten your toolbox together with other DeWalt cases, and you can carry them together as one. This is great both for saving storage space and easy transportation.

Comfortable Handles

Furthermore, the toolbox features bi-material top handle which makes it very easy to grip. Or you can use the locking side handles for alternative lifting and easier manoeuvrability.


The Dewalt 1-70-322-SP DS300 Toughsystem Toolbox comes in an elegant black finish with DeWalt’s signature yellow accents. It is designed with a white spray pattern that gives it a rugged look. There are no flimsy parts or materials inside and outside the box. The construction is robust, and the exterior is easy to clean.


The Dewalt 1-70-322-SP DS300 Toughsystem Toolbox features a storage volume capacity of 35 litres.

It dimensions are 308mm x 336mm x 550mm.

The load capacity is up to 60kg.

It’s made of a 4mm PP structural foam plastic material and offers dust and water protection with its IP 65 rating.

Dewalt 1-70-322-SP DS300 Toughsystem Toolbox Pros

  • Seriously sturdy build and durable construction
  • Works with other Dewalt stackable boxes
  • Fits heavy power tools such as grinder, drill, impact driver, hammer drill, charger, etc.
  • Able to carry heavy tools without the box or the latches giving in
  • Easy to organise tools
  • Water resistant and dust resistant
  • Padlock eye offers added security
  • Easy to carry and transport
  • Offers high impact protection
  • Great value for the price
  • Has a lot of room inside
  • Space saving storage options
  • No flimsy parts and materials

Dewalt 1-70-322-SP DS300 Toughsystem Toolbox Cons

  • Tote tray needs to be purchased separately
  • Does not include the foam inserts but they are readily available and affordable, or you can make your own


The Dewalt 1-70-322-SP DS300 Toughsystem Toolbox is built with superior materials and is highly suitable for heavy-duty use. It can carry up to 60kg of load, and it has a roomy interior so you can store all your big and bulky power tools like drills, grinders, and hammer drills among others. Both the interior and exterior are designed to offer high impact protection. It features high-quality structural foam plastic to ensure that the pressure is equalized and evenly distributed, so you don’t have to worry about damaging your tools even if you put the toolbox in your trunk during a bumpy ride. The toolbox also protects your tools from dust and water with its high-performance seal.  You have the option to add a tote tray to make things even more organized inside and to make it easier to find smaller tools. Your tools will be protected by the heavy-duty metal latches, and you can also use a padlock in the padlock eye.

When it comes to storage, the Dewalt 1-70-322-SP DS300 Toughsystem Toolbox is space-saving because of the plastic side clips that allow you to stack the toolbox with other Dewalt stackable boxes. You can stack the boxes together and carry them as one, so it’s also easy to transport. Designed with comfortable handles and is easy to manoeuvre. There is hardly anything that is lacking in this toolbox.

As a bonus, the toolbox looks elegant in its black finish but also has a rugged look because of the white spray pattern. It comes at a great price and has unbeatable value.

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