DeWalt Impact Connect Pipe Cutter Attachment: The Future of Cutting Pipes


Gone are the days of manual and tedious cutting methods, as DeWalt has revolutionized the pipe-cutting process with their Impact Connect Pipe Cutter Attachment. This innovative attachment takes the power and rotational impact of your existing impact driver and transforms it into a powerful pipe-cutting tool.

Available in two versions, the PVC/PEX Pipe Cutter Attachment (DWAPVCIR) and the Copper Pipe Cutting Attachment (DWACPIR), these attachments offer versatile cutting options for different types of pipes. The PVC/PEX Cutter Attachment can efficiently cut pipes up to 2 inches in diameter and is 6 times faster than manual cutting methods. The Copper Pipe Cutting Attachment comes with two cutting wheels, 1/2-inch and 3/4-inch, and is suitable for use with type K, L, and M copper pipes. A separate 1-inch cutting wheel can also be purchased.

Installing the DeWalt Impact Connect Pipe Cutter Attachment is a simple process that takes only a few minutes. The attachment can be used with any brand of the impact driver, and the installation involves securing the brace to the tool, connecting the attachment’s hex shank to the impact driver, and adjusting the arm to a suitable length. Blade replacement is also effortless, with the process of loosening the set screw, pulling out the blade, slipping in a new one, and tightening the screw.

Using the DeWalt Impact Connect Pipe Cutter Attachment is straightforward, and even though the combination of the attachment and impact driver weighs 5.7 pounds, it is still manageable with one hand. The sharp arrow-shaped blade cuts quickly and efficiently, making clean cuts every time. The attachment also enables 360-degree rotation, allowing for a change in the angle of attack.

The DeWalt Impact Connect Pipe Cutter Attachment is an affordable option, with both versions retailing for £128.00 and backed by a 3-year warranty. For professionals who already own an impact driver, this attachment is a cost-effective way to upgrade their cutting methods and move away from manual cutters.

In conclusion, the DeWalt Impact Connect Pipe Cutter Attachment is a game-changer for plumbers, electricians, irrigation specialists, HVAC techs, refrigeration techs, and many other professionals. The attachment is not only easy to use but also efficient and versatile, making it an excellent addition to any toolbox.